ABOVE: Sir Stephen Hillier became Chair of the CAA on Augst 1, 2020

The Secretary of State for Transport has re-appointed Sir Stephen Hillier as Chair of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, extending his term until July 2028.

“The past four years were an extremely challenging time for aviation, with Sir Stephen’s knowledge and experience proving invaluable,” explained Transport Secretary Mark Harper. “As we transition to an era of new technologies, innovation and decarbonization, I’m confident the Civil Aviation Authority will continue to perform well under his leadership”.

Through steering the CAA through its response to the pandemic, negotiating the UK’s departure from EASA and leading the regulator’s engagement with the Government public body review of the CAA in 2023, Sir Stephen has played what the organization defines as ‘a key role in ensuring that the regulator meets its core remit of protecting the safety, security and the consumer interests of those that fly’.

“This is a world-leading regulator, and its people are at the core of making the Civil Aviation Authority forward-looking, efficient, and effective,” concluded Sir Stephen.