ABOVE: A short commute to work – who wouldn’t want to live and work right next to the runway?

Hangar Homes’ ongoing quest to bring nine mixed-used hangars for ‘aviation-related business’ at Solent Aeropark has come to a conclusion, with the planning appeal dismissed by the planning inspector.

“This was incorrectly viewed as a residential-led development,” said a spokesperson from Hangar Homes, who believes that the planning inspector “just did not understand what this is all about”. He added that although employment density generated from aviation-related business was shown to be double that of other units on the airside access, it was rejected as being “inadequate”. However, as Hangar Homes owns the proposed access from Glenthorne Close to the site (meaning nothing else can be built there), “any employment from these mixed-use hangars has got to be better than none at all, as the Council cannot develop the site,” he explained.

Additionally, the planning inspector was apparently concerned about the noise to the occupants, “even though many prospective owners had stated that they were not concerned at all about this, which would be no different to what it is now for the other local residents”.

Rather than fight the appeal in court, the company owner now intends to concentrate on pursuing options at Enniskillen and the Isle of Man Aeroparks, “so that concerns about safety and security, noise and road traffic can be shown to be non-issues in a future planning application”. However, he adds that different members of the council may well take a different view about the proposed development.

“After all, what is not to like about having nine new aviation-related business that would help to safeguard the airport and make it more sustainable, plus the capital and income derived from them,” he concluded.