ABOVE: The Switchblade’s manufacturer claims it ‘performs like a sports car on the road’

Oregon-based designer and developer of the Switchblade ‘flying sports car’, Samson Sky, has launched a fundraising campaign to expedite the vehicle’s production phase.

The two-seat, three-wheel, street-legal vehicle (reminiscent of a Reliant Robin, or perhaps a scaled-up Monopoly iron) is capable of converting from car to fixed-wing aircraft in under three minutes. Its estimated payload is 260kg (including passengers, luggage and fuel) and it will cruise at up to 200mph (173 kt) at an altitude of up to 13,000ft. It also uses unleaded automobile fuel instead of avgas.

The prototype Switchblade successfully completed its maiden flight test on 5 November 2023 and has over 2,300 reservations from 57 countries and all 50 US States. Categorised as an Experimental / Homebuilt aircraft, it can be assembled at home or in ‘as little as one week’ with the help of Samson Sky’s Builder Assist Center program.

“Your investment in the Switchblade does three things: it offers the chance for financial rewards, includes you in part of something both cutting edge and eco-friendly, and helps usher in the future of transportation,” commented Sam Bousfield, CEO of Samson Sky and designer of the Switchblade.

Samson Sky board member James Maunch added that crowdfunding has the ‘unique ability to allow many smaller investors the same opportunity as bigger investors have with new technology in early companies’.

The company adds it has raised $10m prior to this funding round, with orders of $472m and growing. More information about investment opportunities can be found via the We Funder platform.