ABOVE: Mike Tetlow will be hosting the upcoming Electronic Conspicuty session

The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) is to run a webinar entitled ‘UK GA Electronic Conspicuity’, hosted by Mike Tetlow in conjunction with uAvionix GA and Military Point of Contact.

The session will be hosted on Zoom by Mike Tetlow on Thursday 13 June at 14:00, with a question and answer session to follow the presentation. A recording will subsequently available on the RIN’s Youtube channel.

‘The aim of EC is to increase situational awareness by transmitting an aircraft’s GNSS-derived position, so that other airspace users can pick up the data, which is usually displayed in the cockpit on a tablet or smartphone display, or on a dedicated instrument,’ explains the RIN, which highlights that the upcoming webinar will ‘concentrate on interoperability between the various EC solutions and propose a way ahead that could be incorporated into the CAA Airspace Management Strategy’.

More information on the session, as well as a link to register, can be found here.