The January edition of Pilot magazine is on sale December 8th; find out what to look forward to in our festive issue!

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The January edition of Pilot, on sale December 8th, is full of colour to brighten up these winter days over Christmas and the New Year. Our vintage crop of features starts with Dave Unwin’s flight test of the Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 12 biplane – a wonderful (if at times challenging to fly) survivor from the great US barnstorming era.

Moving to the present day, Editor Philip Whiteman samples the new, Belgian-built Sonaca 200 Trainer, finding this fine-handling machine is shaping up remarkably well in flying school service.

Touring pilot Stephen Walker finds spectacular aerial views you might think were more like sights of Caribbean seas and beaches during his Scotland Staycation Flying Adventure; and

Lima Overshoot – Bob Grimstead takes us back to Christmas 1975, when as a young first officer handling the aircraft he was attempting to land his BA Boeing 707 in the fog. With limited fuel remaining, would they get in, or have to go around?

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