Above: The Red Arrows are a staple sight across many shows on the UK circuit

Flightline UK, an ‘online resource focused on UK and European air displays,’ is running a survey to ‘gauge public appetite for Air Display Events in 2023’ with the intention of sharing the information once this year’s season closes in October.

According to the British Air Display Association (BADA), air displays in the UK and Channel Islands attracted 4.42 million spectators and contributed £10 million to the economy during 2022. Building on Flightline UK’s 2020 public appetite survey, this year’s incentive looks to gauge public perspective of airshows post-pandemic through a short series of questions.

The ‘Air Displays 2023 – The Public Perspective’ survey has three main aims: of gauging the current public appetite for this season’s displays, ascertain enthusiasm for attending shows in 2024, and identify any concerns or areas for improvement at future events. The survey will run from August through to mid-October.

Questions include locations an individual has attended air displays, their mode of travel to the event, attractions or elements they would like to see included on the ground, and a list of applicable concerns that may affect future attendance. The survey can be accessed here and will prove an invaluable resource in understanding, and better planning for, public support of UK air displays in the years to come.