ABOVE: The Integral aircraft has the largest cockpit in its category

Aura Aero, designer and developer of the clean-sheet, two-seat Integral family of aircraft, has received a Permit to Fly from EASA for its all-electric Integral E ahead of the aircraft’s upcoming flight test campaign.

The third of Aura Aero’s trio of aerobatically-capable light aircraft, the Integral E ‘represents a major achievement in the electric aviation journey,’ notes its manufacturers. Complementing two piston-engine variants (the taildragger R and the tricycle undercarriage S), it was first unveiled at the 2023 Paris Air Show before commencing its ground test campaign earlier this year.

With the Permit to Fly received, the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) can now deliver the authorisation for the Integral E to make its first flight in ‘the coming weeks’. “The entire Aura Aero team is very proud to reach this new milestone today in the Integral adventure,” commented Co-Founder, President and Chief Engineer Jérémy Caussade, adding that “the Integral family is already a great success”.

Aura Aero highlights that the Integral E will ‘reach several new industrial milestones related to its electric power architecture,’ and at the end of its flight test campaign is set to ‘join the very exclusive club of electric aircraft managed in the CS-23 category’.

The Norwegian airsports federation, Norges Luftsportforbund, also recently committed to the purchase of the country’s first Integral E. It will use operate the aircraft for towing gliders ad the country’s national centre for gliding. “Norway is a leading country in decarbonizing aviation,” explained John Eirik Laupsa, General Secretary of the Norges Luftsportforbund. “We are thrilled to be contributing at our level by using this brand new electric aircraft for our gliding activities soon!”