The online petition jointly initiated by Pilot magazine and the flying associations has accumulated over 10,000 signatures in just six days

Launched in reaction to what Light Aircraft Association CEO and Pilot columnist Steve Slater characterised as ‘the darkest news to face General Aviation for some time,’ the petition went live on 27 August. The initial group of signatories included Steve Slater, Charles Henry of the GAAC, Geoff Weighall of the BMAA, Andy Symons of the BMFA, Pilot’s Editor, Philip Whiteman, and contributors Dave Unwin and Bob Grimstead.


Titled ‘Keep Airfields Greenfields – Review Airfield Classification as Brownfield Sites’, the petition states ‘In 2003 an ‘administrative oversight’ led to the deletion of planning protection from airfields being classified as brownfield sites. As a result, airfields are being closed by developers, breaking transport links and destroying significant areas of natural habitat within airfield boundaries… We demand a review of the brownfield designation of airfields for redevelopment, in recognition of their economic benefit and importance as environmental “green spaces”, and that Government Planning Policy reverts to that previously in place.’


Pilot urges every one else who wishes to preserve our airfields to visit: and add their signature. Now that the petition has 10,000 signatures the government is obliged to make a formal response – but if it gets 100,000 the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.



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