The 915-powered Elixir has a published cruise speed of 150kt at 75% power

French manufacturer Elixir was one of the companies that drew considerable attention at AERO, showcasing a variety of designs including its latest, the Rotax 915iS-powered model. The aircraft, currently undergoing CS-23 certification with EASA, is equipped with an IFR panel which may also be fitted to the 912iS-powered Elixir (currently only certified for VFR flight).  

The 915-powered Elixir has slightly longer wings, bigger winglets and better performance than the 912 version, with a published cruise speed of 150kt at 75% power. Elixir also announced that it is working with French company Turbotech to develop a hydrogen-electric propulsion system, with a target of certification in six years.  

[Image: Eugenio Facci]