Cavalon Pro has become the world’s first modern-era certified gyroplane. Manufactured by AutoGyro, a world leader in the development, production and distribution of gyroplanes, the Cavalon Pro, with its Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of 560kg, can take enough payload to cost-effectively replace a helicopter in many fields of application, making commercial use a particular focus. Diverse camera and measuring equipment installation options make numerous professional applications possible and extend the gyroplane’s scope of use.

Gerry Speich of RotorSport UK, that supports AutoGyro products across the world, says: “It is testament to the teamwork between RotorSport and the UK CAA that it has been possible to establish the Airworthiness Requirements for a certified gyroplane, and then to demonstrate compliance for the Cavalon Pro.

“Certification recognises a higher degree of safety, quality and reliability for operators as well as reducing insurance risk and enabling fleet financing.

“This certification represents years of development, and demonstrates that gyroplanes are serious, useful aircraft that can now take their rightful place in the aviation industry, flying by day or night VFR – and probably IFR later this year. With the low fuel burn and lower noise than other rotary aircraft, gyroplanes offer a green alternative not currently available elsewhere.

“It also demonstrates the huge lead in Gyroplane Aviation that AutoGyro and RotorSport now have in the world market, with our aircraft complying with the newest and highest gyroplane aviation.”

Tony Rapson of the CAA says: “We’re very pleased to issue this type certificate to RotorSport UK Ltd. A little over a year since the launch of the General Aviation Unit within the CAA, industry is seeing the benefits through the development of a more proportionate set of airworthiness and flight operations rules. We will continue doing all we can to ensure the UK GA sector is given every opportunity to succeed.”

AutoGyro CEO Dr Hans Marenbach adds: “I’m delighted to see how our company has taken another giant step forward in aviation development and that we are now able to offer gyroplane pilots new potential applications and crucially, new career opportunities for them and their aircraft.”

With this new certification the Cavalon Pro now meets all requirements of civil aviation authorities which are contractual partners of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for use of the aircraft in their airspace.

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