It seems the ‘temporary closure’ of Runway 29/11 and Taxiway Juliet at London Biggin Hill airport could soon become permanent

In a recent memo from the airport’s Managing Director Will Curtis, airport users and tenants were told that the high costs of maintaining the cross runway 29/11, including its imminent need for resurfacing in order to remain licensed, may lead to it being permanently closed.

One proposed solution is to raise landing and airport charges to offset the high running costs, although it recognises that this will not be popular.

A further challenge is cited as operating the cross runway concurrently with the main runway, which has led to unacceptably high workloads in the Tower and several recently recruited controllers leaving.

The airfield is inviting views from anyone affected by 30 September. If you wish to comment, respond to or

The full memo can be found here.

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