ABOVE: New and existing entrants have until Friday 3 May to send submissions

It’s that time of year again and Pilot magazine is compiling our annual Where to Fly Guide, the definitive guide to flying schools in the UK and overseas, to appear in the July edition of Pilot magazine.

We are hoping to make this year’s guide as comprehensive as possible, so whether you participated last year or are looking to join the listing this year, please do get in touch to secure your free slot.

Although a basic entry in the listings section  – highlighting what your school or club can offer – is completely free, please do make sure your information is up to date. To be featured, please mark any changes to last year’s entry as clearly as possible and return it to keithwilson@gmail.com or alternatively, post it to Keith Wilson, 15 Wheatfield Drive, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire PE26 1SH.

If no changes, please confirm this by way of a short note or email (please note: we require a response from you to guarantee inclusion). Please do not send brochures or pamphlets containing the information.

Additionally, please do not make any additions to your entry beyond the following:

  • Airfield where based
  • Address for schools/clubs outside the UK (n/a for UK listings)
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Email and web addresses
  • Qualifications taught
  • Number of members and membership fees
  • Number of flying instructors, divided into: full-time and part-time, and FI/FI(R)
  • Number of students
  • Fleet details, and hourly prices, to include fuel, base landing fees and VAT (UK), dual and solo
  • Ground tuition rates

We look forward to receiving your responses no later than the publishing deadline of Friday 3 May, and please do get in touch with any further questions you may have.