Wellesbourne Matters Association has released a statement warning supporters of the Warwickshire airfield that it is not out of danger yet.

According to the Wellesbourne Matters Association, there still remains a clear and present danger of Wellesbourne Airfield being closed to make way for a housing development.

In a statement the group said:

“The situation as it stands is that Stratford District Council have stated that Wellesbourne Airfield is not one of the sites recommended for housing development and that they would like to retain flying activities at the Airfield. We welcome this sensible conclusion. However the Council`s Core Strategy will be soon examined in public by a government appointed planning inspector. We fully expect the Developer will try to persuade the planning inspector that the Wellesbourne Airfield should be closed to make way for more housing.

“We need to act now to ensure that our voice can be heard during the public examination. We are working with Zyda Law (www.zydalaw.com) to draw bring together a professional team to fight to preserve the important social and economic benefits that would be lost if the site were to be given over to housing and to present a vision for the future of the airfield.

“Remember that the development has not been ‘kicked in to touch’ or ‘put off until 2031’, but is still very much alive and kicking.”

The Association is calling on more people to join in order to help counter development proposals. For more information visit www.wellesbournematters.org.uk

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