The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed that the requirement for microlights to be re-weighed every five years is to be removed. This is part of the CAA’s GA Change Programme and follows a joint proposal from the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) and the Light Aircraft Association (LAA).

The periodic re-weighing of microlights was introduced in the mid 1990s following mutual agreement with the then Popular Flying Association and the BMAA. However, the CAA has recently confirmed with existing microlight manufacturers that they are meeting the requirement to weigh all microlights at the point of initial production.

With the curtailment of microlight re-weighing, there will now be work done on agreeing and alternative policy between the CAA, LAA and BMAA. This will include a solution to the issue of microlights that may currently exceed the maximum empty weight limit.

This is one of the latest policy changes to be instigated by the CAA’s GA Unit. The Unit’s aims are to create a safety regulation system that imposes the minimum necessary burden on individuals and empowers them to make responsible decisions to secure acceptable safety outcomes. It has a long term goal of making the UK the best country in the world for general aviation.

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