60 years ago in May 1959, Wing Commander Ken Wallis RAF (ret) MBE flew his first autogyro in the UK. G-APUD. On this poignant anniversary, Vicky Wallis, daughter of the famed pilot/designer who died in 2013 has announced that Wallis Heritage Limited has been awarded Charitable Status

The collection of Wallis’s aircraft and memorabilia, including the internationally famous “Little Nellie” of James Bond movie fame, consists primarily of 18 autogyros and the Flying “Wallbro” replica.

Ken’s Girls as he liked to refer to them have collectively set 34 world records for class E3 [Any autogiro] and class 3a [Autogyro’s under 500kg all up weight]. As such the Wallis autogyros constitutes the single most concentrated collection of world record holders and, as a national aviation treasure, is a totally unique tribute to the late rotary wing aviation pioneer.

Wallis Heritage Limited will now seek funds to exhibit and, to restore at least one of the Wallis autogyros to flying condition so it may yet again thrill at airshows. If this is successful others will follow.

For those willing to help, Wallis Heritage Limited can be contacted through Vicky Wallis, Gunton House, Reymerston, Norwich, Norfolk. NR9 4QY. Tel: 01362 850529. Email vicky@wallistrust.org

The original “Little Nellie” that was flown in the Bond film You Only Live Twice, and the “Wallbro” flying replica may be found at the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire.

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