ABOVE: The charger uses a combination of supercapacitors and batteries 

VoltAero, designers and developers of the Cassio family of electric-hybrid aircraft, has unveiled what it describes as an ‘intelligent mobile charger’.

Capable of delivering energy to recharge the Cassio 330 aircraft in approximately 30 minutes with a power output of 100kW, the charger will also be offered for other electric aircraft and eVTOL applications. According to Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, this type-agnostic application “underscores how VoltAero and its partners already are taking steps… to evolve an optimized infrastructure that will support the e-aircraft sector”.

As part of the unit’s ‘intelligence,’ it can (apparently) be programmed for autonomous deployment to a designated location at an airport or landing zone for aircraft recharging.

Alongside its electric motor (used for taxi, takeoff, primary flight distances of less than 93 miles and landing), the Cassio aircraft will also incorporate a range extender in the form of an internal combustion engine in its aft fuselage-mounted hybrid propulsion unit. VoltAero also anticipate these to be able to operate with hydrogen, and a Cassio 330 electric-hydrogen demonstrator is scheduled for 2025.

EASA type certification of the Cassio 330 (with a hybrid electric-conventional propulsion system) is anticipated in the first quarter of 2025.