A name written into the annuals of aviation history is being revived with two De Havilland Chipmunks

The Vintage Pair, the RAF’s CFS (Central Flying School) Historic Flight, that displayed both the De Havilland Vampire and Gloster Meteor until tragically lost at Mildenhall in 1986, is being revived in name.

Flying the venerable De Havilland Chipmunk, display pilots Jon Higgins and David Petters have spent the latter half of 2018 formulating and polishing their dynamic display for the 2019 season.

Although not aerobatic due to the currently imposed fatigue limits plaguing the UK Chipmunk fleet, the display is a very successful compromise. Full of spirit and innovation the display the Vintage Pair intend to bring to the airshow crowds mirrors the pilots professionalism and deep founded passion for historic aviation.

Jon Higgins a display pilot of 8 seasons co-founded the team with his friend David Petters after he received his DA (display authorisation) in mid 2018.

David Petters is an airline captain and a flying instructor based at Fenland, he flies and displays 1350 a Portuguese built Chipmunk which is part of a small syndicate he founded and manages.

Trained from ab-initio on the Chipmunk by renowned warbird pilot Charlie Brown, Jon Higgins flies and displays WG308 an ex RAF example.

The Vintage Pair team is currently seeking sponsorship and has further ambition to expand in the future by adding the Harvard on to their books if the requisite funds are forthcoming.

Lets hope the Vintage Pair name finds rejuvenation in their hands.

For details or bookings please contact David or Jon via thevintagepair@yahoo.com or through their Facebook page www.facebook.com/vintagepairteam

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