Vashon Aircraft is the newest aircraft manufacturer in the aviation center of Seattle where they design and build the Ranger R7 aircraft

Starting at only $99,500 (£72,000) every one of the two-seat Rangers features a Continental O-200-D engine, a complete Dynon SkyView avionics suite including autopilot, and more.

The Ranger R7 is an affordable combination of great airplane flight characteristics, good visibility, roominess, and fun for both local sightseeing flights and cross-countries.

The Ranger R7 was designed by noted Pacific Northwest aeronautical engineer Ken Krueger and has been engineered, tested, and manufactured at the Vashon Aircraft factory headquarters near Seattle, Washington.

The Ranger incorporates multiple active and passive safety features, including a low stall speed, benign slow flight characteristics, and well-harmonized controls. Every aircraft is equipped with a two-axis autopilot with level button that features built-in airframe protections.

Other safety features include angle of attack with progressive audible cues, and dual 5-point safety restraints.

John Torode, founder of Vashon Aircraft and founder of Dynon Avionics, said: “I started Dynon to bring affordable, advanced technology to the aviation community, yet there still remains a need to innovate beyond the panel to bring affordable flight to more people.

“With Vashon Aircraft, I hope to empower the next generation of pilots with the tools they need to take to the skies.”

Find out more about the Ranger R7 and Vashon here.

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