Avionics manufacturer Avidyne has announced that the first 12in Vantage displays for early Cirrus SR aircraft originally fitted with Entegra systems will be available later this year. The Vantage features several advanced features, including synthetic vision, hybrid touch user interface, and dual- AHRS MFD reversion.

“Vantage will be launched into the retrofit market as an upgrade for Entegra-equipped Cirrus, where there are roughly 4,000 aircraft of late 2002-to-mid-2008 vintage,” said Avidyne’s John Talmadge.

“The Vantage upgrade for Cirrus aircraft will initially be certified with a dual IFD-series GPS/NAV/COMs and DFC90 autopilot configuration” he added, “and it will be compatible with all configurations of Cirrus engine instruments and other Cirrus factory installed equipment, without any requirement for costly unlocks or enablements.”

Avidyne is also working with Swiss specialists Daedalean to develop, manufacture and certify an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application for general aviation called the Avidyne PilotEye Vision System. Avidyne president Dan Schwinn said: “These solutions will initially include visual-spectrum camera- based systems for visual positioning and traffic detection, hazard avoidance, and landing guidance, as well as providing the data that pilots need for quicker and more-accurate land-anywhere decision-making assistance in the event of emergency.”

Image: Avidyne