Just Aircraft has reached an agreement with Robert Pooler in the UK to begin selling SuperSTOL Aircraft kits, pending approval of its application by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Since the SuperSTOL was introduced to the GA market in the spring of 2013, the company has received over 200 orders for kits, prompting it to double its workforce in the past year. “The response has certainly been much stronger than we anticipated,” says Troy Woodland, designer of the SuperSTOL. “That’s led to changes in our production line along with refinements to the design. With our new outlet in the UK, we anticipate a significant increase in shipments.”

As its name implies, the SuperSTOL is highly effective as a short takeoff and landing aircraft. It can get off or roll out in a little over 50ft. This versatile two-seat, side-by-side aircraft with 29in tundra tyres can land in almost any kind of clearing, riverbed or shoreline. Skis and floats are also options.

For more information, visit JustAircraft.com.

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