With the aim of taking the technology forward, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has established a new associate member category for electric and hybrid propulsion aircraft.

GAMA says the purpose behind this new membership category is to help coordinate the members’ technical expertise and the association’s collective policy experience to ‘better enable the worldwide development, growth, and airworthiness certification of electric and hybrid propulsion technology to benefit the future of general aviation’.

“As GAMA completes its 45th year, we are very excited to welcome companies researching and developing electric and hybrid propulsion air vehicles as associate members to our global trade association,” says GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce. “As we look toward the future, we see this aerodynamically innovative emerging propulsion technology facilitating totally new aircraft designs that remain very safe, highly reliable, and may dramatically lower the operational costs of flying.

“GAMA’s core expertise is in working with policymakers and regulatory authorities around the globe to speed innovation and introduction of new products to the market. Our goal with this associate membership is to allow many of these new technology companies to tap into this expertise.”

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