Kairos Aviation has announced that it has become the new UK dealer for the Blackshape BS115 CS-VLA.

An agreement has been signed between Kairos Aviation – the UK-based aviation network of flight, distribution and maintenance centres – and Blackshape Aviation.

“The UK is an important market for Blackshape”, stated Mr Angelo Petrosillio, Managing Director Sales and Marketing of Blackshape SpA. “The UK has over 30,000 private pilots and an historic interest in aviation and it is no surprise that there has already been significant interest in the BS115 CS-VLA and we are confident that Kairos Aviation is the ideal partner for us to work with. Kairos Aviation are committed to the same standards of quality, service and safety as ourselves at Blackshape.”

Peter Foggin, Managing Director of Kairos Aviation, commented “We are delighted and very proud to be working with such a professional organisation as Blackshape. In my opinion, The BS115 CS-VLA is the most exciting aircraft in the Light Aviation Industry and will be the premium niche market leader for experienced PPLs and for flight training schools who are looking to offer performance training. We have had significant interest in the UK and are now offering secured production options ready for delivery in early 2016.”

For more information visit Kairos Aviation’s website.

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