EuroFOX Aviation hopes that factory built EuroFOX microlights, both nose wheel and tail wheel variants, will be available soon in the UK.

Based on the existing BMAA and CAA BCAR section S approval of the popular EuroFOX kit, final approval for the factory-built ready-to-fly

EuroFOX is expected in early 2016. Once approval is gained, EuroFOX aviation will produce the aircraft in its new purpose-built facility at a dedicated airfield in Kent. This facility will also offer spares, repairs, servicing, permits with check and

test flights. The factory-built specification will see the EuroFOX as a 472kg aircraft, complete with a ballistic parachute and the proven Rotax 912 series engines.

EuroFOX’s Roger Cornwell explains: “We have debated and considered this move for a couple of years now, with a false start or two along the way. However, the demand from the microlight community has shown that a ready-to-fly aircraft is by far the most sought-after customer choice. Therefore reacting to demand from both individual customers and training establishments, we have decided the addition of a RTF aircraft in the EuroFOX fleet is a natural progression for the UK market.

“The number of microlight aircraft designs available as a ready-to-fly aircraft in the UK is fairly limited, and dominated by just a couple of types, so we look forward to offering a greater choice to customers. Providing a 472kg aircraft will enable customers to have access to the full and large range of options on top of the extensive basic specification.”

EuroFOX Aviation is confident that approval will be gained by 2016 as their 2011 BMAA/CAA BCAR Section S approval will require little or no modification to gain full type approval. Furthermore, a recent meeting held at CAA headquarters at Gatwick confirmed that the CAA promise of a ”lighter touch with a pragmatic approach” should help the process flow rapidly.

The EuroFOX microlight will continue to be available as an advance build Aeropro finished kit in 450kg and 472kg format under the BMAA, as well as the 560 kg advance build “LSA” kit under the LAA.

The timing of this EuroFOX progression in the UK market is key, as with limited kit supply from Aeropro and existing orders on hand, the EuroFOX factory-build aircraft can be pre-ordered now.

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