Trig is delighted to announce that the TN72 GPS Position Source now has EASA minor change approval and it can now be installed in EASA-certified aircraft covered by the approval

The Trig TN72 GPS Position Source is a highly affordable and certified ETSO-C199 device that allows a Trig transponder to become 1090 ADS-B Out.

Trig’s minor change approvals are free so the TN72 can now be installed into hundreds of EASA certified aircraft types covered under this approval.

Installing the TN72 GPS Position Source with a Trig transponder enables ADS-B Out, meaning your aircraft will be seen by all ADS-B In traffic devices. The TN72 GPS Position Source improves your safety in the sky making you visible to all ADS-B In equipped aircraft.

You can fly with confidence knowing that the TN72 is certified and you can be seen. Not only will you be seen by all ADS-B In traffic devices, you will also be doing your part in improving the safety of the aviation community and making the skies a safer place.

A TN72 GPS Position Source, costs £ 299 ex tax and a TA70 GPS antenna is also available from Trig.

Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “Pilots already using a Trig transponder can upgrade to ADS-B Out by installing a TN72. In busy skies it’s a small price to pay for the benefit of improved safety.”

There will be moore about ADS-B and electronic conspicuity in the July issue of Pilot Magazine.

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