Trig TY91 (£1,530) and TY92 (£3,594) radios

Trig Avionics is well regarded for its range of compact avionics. Trig’s TY91 8.33 VHF radio now has a new feature , ‘Dual Control’, which is ideal for tandem two-seat aeroplanes and gliders. Dual Control allows both pilots to use a single radio via a controller in each cockpit. The radio is simple to use and shares, for example, frequency selection, flip-flop, PTT and/or volume.

A key feature of the TY91 is ‘Push Step’, which the company claims will make the unit significantly faster and easier to tune than other radios. The radio also includes a built-in two-place intercom, dual watch and support for an external speaker.

A complete TY91 Dual Control kit is now available. Existing customers who wish to add Dual Control can purchase a retro-fit kit.

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