The Cambridge Aero Club has added a third Cessna 152 aircraft to its fleet. The three aircraft were imported into the UK by Andrew Brinkley who has completely refurbished them with overhauled engines, modern avionics, new leather seats, new carpets and interiors.

The aeroplanes are also considerably lighter because of the new instrumentation, and have matching colour schemes and consecutive registrations. The latest addiction to the fleet, G-CLNC was delivered to Cambridge in April.  

Cambridge Aero Club MD Terry Holloway told Pilot “These aeroplanes have proved to be very popular with our club members, particularly by our ab initio students who find their handling very straightforward. For our part, we are pleased by the lower operating costs, which have enabled us to pass cost savings onto our customers.” For a full flight test report on one of these ‘better than new’ C152s, see Pilot January 2021.

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