The Royal Aero Club Trust has released the details of its 2014 bursary scheme for young people.

The bursaries include The President’s Scholarship bursaries, worth up to £750 each; the Peter Cruddas Foundation Scholarship, worth up to £1,000; and the Breitling Bursary, also worth up to £750. Additionally the Bramson Bursary – which is one of a number of additional bursaries worth up to £500 each, available for anyone between the ages of 16 and 21 wishing to progress their interest in air sports or aviation – is also open for applications.

The Royal Aero Club trust has been offering bursaries for fourteen years and a large amount of grants have been awarded. There are plenty of activities available in the programme including gliding, ballooning, paragliding, hang gliding, parachuting, microlights, motor gliders, light aircraft, helicopters, and building and flying model aircraft. Bursaries are also available for flight simulator or personal computer pilots wishing to have an experience of air sports.

Applicants must be UK citizens and, resident in the UK, and training and flying can only be conducted at clubs, associations or training establishments in the UK. Applications must be delivered to The Royal Aero Club Trust by 31 March 2014, and need to be submitted through a sponsoring organisation, club or association.

For more details visit the Royal Aero Club Trust website

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