ABOVE: Individual balsa wood strips are coated with plywood skins and strapped across the fuselage mould to cure

Three years after its conception, a project seeking to return a de Havilland Mosquito to ‘the skies over the country where it was designed and built’ – The People’s Mosquito – is soon to commence fuselage construction.

Serving as a testament to not only those who designed and built de Havilland’s ‘wooden wonder’ but also her brave airmen, navigators and ground crews, The People’s Mosquito represents the first of its type to be constructed in the UK for over 73 years. With the help of thousands of supporters, the project has amassed a variety of resources since its inception: from sourcing and scanning original blueprints, acquiring a donor airframe and spare parts, and building vital jigs and stands.

However, with replica fuselage moulds ready to roll, the project urgently needs to raise an additional £10,000 to manufacture specialist stainless steel straps which will clamp the moulded wooden fuselage panels to the former as they dry. The appeal will run until the end of February, and equates to 40 donations of £5 each day.

‘Having an airworthy Mosquito would simple honour so many people, be inspiring to younger generations and be a superb example of engineering excellence, building by hand to original drawings when many are so used to modern computer technology and robotic manufacturing,’ concludes the project.

If you’d like to support this worthy cause – dubbed ‘Operation Husky’ – more information on donating can be found here.