ABOVE: It’s hoped the Comco C42CS will be available in the UK later this year

Norfolk-based aircraft manufacturer The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) has been assigned responsibility for the sale of Comco aircraft and parts in the Republic of Ireland.

Extending its role as sole distributor for the Comco range of aircraft in the UK, TLAC will now assume responsibility for aircraft sales, parts supply and support for the Republic of Ireland with immediate effect. A website redesign will shortly incorporate revised features for documentation and online parts ordering, and negotiations with carriers will facilitate parts shipments.

Comco Ikarus GmbH of Mengen-Hohentengen, Germany, has over 50 years’ experience in producing light aircraft. Its bestselling platorm, the IKARUS C42, has sold more than 1,500 units around the world and is used ‘in a wide variety of configurations as a tourer, towing plane, trainer, float plane, surveillance or crop-spraying aircraft’. However, TLAC are now working with the UK British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) to clear the C42CS for the UK.

“As the Republic of Ireland operates under a different regulatory framework, historically aircraft previously sold into that market differ technically from those in the UK and Ireland,” explained Paul Hendry-Smith, Managing Director of TLAC; adding that “the new regulations have been configured to allow more flexibility in some areas and the [C42Cs] should benefit from that”.