A record total of five Private Pilot Licence scholarships, three Instructor Scholarship and a CATS ATPL Ground School Scholarship have been funded and awarded after a comprehensive selection process and interviews.

In addition, the Young Air Pilots have supported the award of five Gliding Scholarships, in addition to a further three awarded by the Company.

The recipients of the awards are as follows:



The Air BP Sterling Scholarship (graciously sponsored by Air BP a leading international aviation fuel products and service supplier). Air BP is a new sponsor to the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and this scholarship has been awarded to Alexander May. At present, Alex is studying law, mathematics and chemistry at Hartlepool Sixth Form College and is also a member of the Air Training Corps. Alex intends to take a BSc in Professional Aviation and Pilot Practice to further his career goal of becoming a Commercial Pilot. He will be carrying out his PPL training at Tayside Aviation this summer.

You can read more about Alex here.


The Grayburn Scholarship (kindly sponsored by Past Master of the Company, Michael Grayburn) has been awarded to Alex Sharples, who is a student at Kings School, Chester and he also volunteers at a food bank, helping to prepare food packages. Alex has successfully achieved the Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards, and is hoping to gain the gold award by this summer. He is a keen sportsman and was Junior Captain at the Conwy Gold Club, 2013-14. Alex will be applying to the RAF in 2016 and he also intends to study Aeronautical Engineering at university. This summer, Alex will be taking his PPL course at North Wales Air Academy, Caernarfon.


The Cadogan Scholarship (generously sponsored by the Cadogan Charitable Trust). This scholarship this year has been awarded to Thomas Smart. Whilst studying for his A levels at Bishop of Llandaff High School, Thomas manages to find time to teach Airmanship at his Air Cadet Squadron. He is also a Flight Staff Cadet at 634 Volunteer Gliding Squadron. Thomas has applied to study Aerospace Engineering at university to bring him closer to his goal of becoming an RAF Pilot. Thomas will carry out his PPL training at Aeros Flight Training, Cardiff.


The Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship (funded by the Air Pilots Benevolent Fund) is awarded to Safeen Kay. Safeen is currently studying mathematics, physics, geography and computer science for his A levels at Sidmouth Community College. He is a keen member of the Air Cadets and has mapped out his future to reach his ultimate goal of becoming an Airline Pilot. Safeen will be spending this summer flying with the Robin School of Flying to attain his Private Pilot Licence.


The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund has also sponsored a further scholarship this year, awarded to Hayley Ritchie, who is currently working for Eastern Airways as Cabin Crew. She has already achieved over 21 flying hours towards her PPL which has given her the determination and passion to complete the course which, she will be doing at Tayside Aviation this summer. Hayley intends to pursue a career as a flight instructor and to then seek employment with an Airline.




The Swire Scholarship (generously sponsored by one of the Swire charities). The winner of this award for 2015 is Lydie Szkatula. From a very young age Lydie became extremely passionate about aviation, wanting to make the sky her place of work. One of her most rewarding experiences was being involved with the Bader Braves, giving children with disabilities their first experience of flight. This inspired her to become a flight instructor and she feels that this will make her a better pilot and enhance her airmanship skills. Lydie will be carrying out her training at Goodwood Flying School.


The Norman Motley Scholarship (sponsored by the Air Safety Trust) was awarded to Anthony Hatch, who will be training at Aeros Flight Training, Coventry. Anthony has many years of experience in private aviation and the professional ATC field. His desire is to pass on his knowledge and experience to other enthusiastic aviators, ensuring they fully understand the environment and the aircraft in which they are flying.


The Master’s Scholarship (kindly sponsored by funds raised by last year’s ‘Master’s Charity’ in combination with the Air Pilots Trust) is a new scholarship this year and has been awarded to Richard Breakspear. Richard has been in the aviation industry for over 25 years and is a keen team member of a very busy flying club/school where he deals with the day to day running of airfield operations. He will be training to achieve his Flight Instructor Certificate at Andrewsfield Aviation Ltd, Essex.


The CATS ATPL Ground School Scholarship has been awarded to Lewis Alderson, who is currently working as a flight planner with Jet2.com. Lewis is already known to the Honourable Company of Air Pilots as he was awarded the Cadogan Scholarship in 2013. By gaining this scholarship he is able to move closer towards achieving his ambition of becoming a professional pilot.




The Young Air Pilots has supported five Gliding Scholarships this year. The recipients are:


Grace Davis – an avid student, studying towards a place at Cambridge University where she hopes to attain a maths degree. She has a specific career goal and that is to become a Typhoon pilot in the RAF. In her squadron of the Air Training Corps, Grace has recently been promoted to Corporal. She will be training at the Hereford Aero Club this summer.


Piers Douglas – a student at Westcliffe High School where he recently took his GCSE exams . Piers has an ambition of becoming a commercial pilot and feels that being awarded this scholarship, it is the first step towards his career goal. He will carry out his gliding course at Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club, Colchester.


William Gould – has just completed his A level exams in maths, chemistry and physics. He is in the process of completing his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and would like to use the opportunity of this gliding scholarship to form part of that award. William will carry out his training at Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club.


Edward Neate – is a member of the Air Training Corps and he is sharing his aviation knowledge with other cadets. He has a desire to follow a career in aviation and feels that this scholarship will assist him build on his knowledge. Edward’s training will take place at the Kent Gliding Club this summer.


Douglas Wescott – has a very keen interest in marksmanship and has represented his school, Pate’s Grammar School, nationally. Douglas would like to pursue a career in aviation after he has attended university, either through engineering and working in civil aviation, the RAF or the Army Air Corps. This summer Douglas will be taking his course at Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club.



Three further gliding scholarships were awarded by the Air Pilots:

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarships 2015, funding a week long residential course at Lee-on-Solent run by the Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club. The recipients are Harry Dyer, a student at Highams Park School in London and Rayhan Kareem, a student from Morpeth School in Bethnal Green.


The Air Pilots London Schools Gliding Scholarship 2015, for a week-long residential course at Dunstable run by the London Gliding Club, has been awarded to Mina Khodkame, a student at City Academy, Islington.


In addition, bursaries for the Continued Professional Development of current Flying Instructors remain available throughout the year and applicants are invited to look at the Company website for further information: www.airpilots.org/career-matters/bursaries/



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