The MkII, with an improved cabin and state-of-the-art avionics, will be displayed in Florida in January 2017

Italian manufacturer Tecnam has revealed the second generation of its popular P2002 Sierra, fourteen years after its launch. The first model will be displayed at the US Sport Aviation Expo, Florida, 25-28 January 2017.

Tecnam insists all the features and flying qualities of the original have been retained, but that the P2002 Sierra MkII is ‘substantially updated and improved’. The MkII will be available in the Ultralight, Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental categories.

The two-seater has a larger cabin, with new premium interior design; a re-designed canopy with more headroom; a new locking mechanism to reduce noise levels; seats with extra fore and aft adjustment; and a sleeker cowling for the 100hp Rotax engine.

As for avionics, the MkII has a range of options. Customers start with the basic VFR analogue instruments, but can add a six pack analogue with Garmin GPS, the Dynon SkyView with twin 10-inch displays, the Garmin G3X with twin 10.6-inch screens, or a G3X Night, with backlit backup instrumentation.

There are new metallic paint colours for the exterior too, which can be matched to the seats, cabin sides and instrument panel covering, depending on the style package chosen – Standard, Premium and Power.

‘The market is always demanding greater comfort and more features,’ said Tecnam Managing Director Paolo Pascale. ‘Innovation has always been part of Tecnam’s DNA and has been one of the major keys to our success.’


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