ABOVE: The P2012 STOL is EASA-certified for steep approaches of up to ten degrees

Tecnam’s P2012 STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft has received EASA certification for steep approaches of up to ten degrees, a milestone described by the manufacturer as “a significant endorsement of the P2012 design” and one which “further expands the aircraft’s operability”.

“With its impressive short field performance and now ten-degree approach certification, there is no inaccessible runway for the latest P2012 STOL,” explained Francesco Sferra, Special Mission Platform Sales and Business Development Manager for the Tecnam P2012.

This variant of the aircraft is the only twin-piston platform with STOL capabilities that complies with the latest certification amendments, offering a maximum gross weight of 3680kg and a useful load of 1191kg. At maximum weight, the P2012 requires just 1,394ft (425m) to get airborne and can land in as little as 1,181ft (360m).

Tecnam’s steep approach certification will be especially useful to expand the aircraft’s special mission capabilities, with the cabin configuration also easily reconfigurable from ‘cargo, combi, or air ambulance within minutes, providing healthcare, assistance and serving communities worldwide,’ explains the manufacturer.