Tecnam reports its first delivery of 2016 – the Tecnam Astore PPL. An exclusive version of the Tecnam Astore Light Sport Aircraft to a rather special customer!

The Astore PPL is painted in a beautiful military grey colour scheme, with the customer even having a bespoke interior incorporated into the craft.

Other special features include:

– An MT Variable Pitch Propeller,

– 2 Garmin G3X, air conditioning,

– Parachute

– A pair of BOSE Headsets.

The customer has a well-known reputation for being a great supporter of all things related to General Aviation, as well as being very discerning and demanding. So, who is this mysterious customer we hear you ask? The clue is the suffix, PPL… Tecnam’s own Managing Director, Paolo Pascale Langer.

With over 70 Astore LSA’s already in service worldwide, it’s proving to be one of Tecnam best ever selling aeroplanes.

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