Based at Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield in beautiful Warwickshire, Take Flight Aviation is a membership based flying club that offers flying lessons and light aircraft hire.

Whether you want to learn how to fly and achieve your Private Pilots Licence (PPL), re-validate an old licence, or are an experienced pilot looking for a fulfilling flying club; Take Flight offers the answer. With unrivalled facilities and a fleet of over a dozen aircraft, Take Flight provides its members with “no limits” general aviation aircraft hire without the restrictions imposed by many flying schools, the hassle associated with flying groups or the financial burden of ownership.

The real alternative to aircraft ownership

Unlike traditional flying schools Take Flight Aviation offer members general aviation aircraft hire, where the member only pays for the hours they fly when they take an aircraft away. A member can fly an aircraft away for a weekend, week or by arrangement even longer. There’s a choice of aircraft to suit all, from four two-seat Cessnas, through five Piper PA-28s to a beautifully equipped Piper 6x a six seat complex tourer. Avoid the hassle associated with flying groups or the financial burden of aircraft ownership and have a fleet of aircraft at your disposal to use as if they were your own.

The friendly flying club

When most private pilots have finished learning to fly there can be many limitations to taking advantage of their new licence. Over 50% of new pilots let their licences lapse with in the first few years. This can be due to lack of support from the school, a lack of like-minded pilots to share experiences and the big one, aircraft availability. The cost of aircraft ownership can be out of reach for some and simply not cost effective, groups can be fraught with problems, whilst hiring from flying schools involves vying with instructors and students for a limited time slot. Take Flight provides the answer. With monthly club meetings and a variety of fly outs home and abroad you can expand your horizons and share experiences. In recent years the club has travelled on trips to Salzburg, Venice, Le Rochelle, Dinard, Dinan, Amsterdam and Cannes in addition to a host of regular favourites including the Isle of Wight, Le Touquet, Jersey and the Isles of Scilly,

Take Flight Aviation prides itself on a busy social scene, so whether you want to find a buddy for a flight, pop down for a cup of tea, join one of our fly outs or attend one of the monthly meetings, you’ll always find a friendly face to chat with. The club house and lounge are available 24/7 to members with pin code access and there’s access to computers and the internet, free wi-fi and a library of aviation books as well as the latest aviation titles and trade magazines.

With the help of Google Maps, we can now offer you a chance to see around Take Flight via our VIRTUAL TOUR, without leaving the comfort of your armchair

Student pilots and advanced pilot flight training

Take Flights team of freelance instructors offer training for the Private Pilots Licence (PPL), advanced training for the PPL instrument rating IR(R), Night Rating, AOPA aerobatic certificate, tail dragger conversion and safety pilot courses in a choice of club aircraft. They can check you out to fly different club aircraft and offer flight reviews or training in any area you require. So whether you’re a pilot looking for advanced training or a student pilot ready to get your licence and itching to hire some of the Take Flight fleet on passing, Take Flight is a great choice. Take Flight has been the answer for many students who have struggled to find the right instruction or service from other clubs. Some of their past students have literally travelled hundreds of miles to achieve the results they want. Why not try a trial lesson or simply ask for a tour of their facility and aircraft. You can even take a virtual tour of the premises and some of the Take Flight Aviation fleet on the clubs website and get further details of the aircraft, team and the thoughts and experiences of club members.

The Fleet

Take Flight Aviation are the proud operators of some great aircraft. The superb fleet are a combination of aircraft either owned outright or co-owned by Take Flight Aviation, operated on behalf of owner members or hired for the clubs sole use from aircraft leasing organisations. All the aircraft are maintained by EASA approved and CAA regulated maintenance providers which mean checks every 50 hours of flying time. They pride themselves on offering safe, clean and beautiful planes for their members to enjoy as if they were their own.

The current fleet offers over a dozen aircraft with competitive hire rates from just £99 per hour. The club operate 4 Cessna 152s (which includes one taildragger), no less than 5 PA-28s, (Cherokees, Warriors and Archers), 1 Cessna 172, 1 Aerobatic Slingsby Firefly and 1 Piper 6x Saratoga. Prices include fuel, VAT and home landings or circuits at Wellesbourne EGBW

Fractional Ownership

Take Flight Aviation has recently launched a brand new aircraft fractional ownership scheme. With over ten years’ experience in professional aircraft management operating an expanding fleet of general aviation aircraft at their Wellesbourne base in Warwickshire, Take Flight has proudly added this additional arm to their operation, offering a superb Piper Matrix, 350 horse power twin turbo, complete with the latest Garmin 650 coms, TCAS, weather and Avidyne 9 package.

From the minute you climb the air stair door you sense the aircraft is larger and more substantial than traditional General Aviation aircraft. With the most expansive interior of any six place piston aircraft your passengers will have room to stretch out in air conditioned club class seating. The cabin class interior is more like you would find in a private jet than a piston aircraft with reclining seats, retractable table and workstation power whilst the amazing avionics package and auto pilot up-front is a pilots dream. With a sensible cruise speed of around 190mph, maximum around 240mph and a maximum range of over 1300nm with 45 minute reserve, you and your family or business colleagues can enjoy Jet style aircraft comfort at a fraction of the cost! Hourly packages are available with 35, 50 or 75 hours per annum hour for the five stakeholders which unlike other group ownership schemes offers a fixed rate charge covering all elements of the aircrafts operation, with hourly dry rates from as low as £199 plus VAT you too could be living the dream!

Aircraft Ownership

Take Flight Aviation also offers their lounge and facilities to aircraft owners so owners can make guests or clients feel welcome and undertake flight planning in comfort. They also offer a full aircraft management service. Some owners have chosen to partner with the club and provide their aircraft for hire to members which can help contribute to the cost of the upkeep of owning an aircraft.

with Take Flight Aviation the Sky’s no longer the limit!

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