TAG Farnbrough Airport has admitted that its plans for controlled airspace in an area that has hitherto been Class G – open to all VFR GA movements – have been put on hold by the CAA

At a Farnborough Aerodrome consultative committee meeting on November 5, Roger Walker, director of airport operations for TAG, said the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) wanted some more time to investigate the impacts the changes would have.

Mr Walker said: “This is not unusual for the CAA to do. In fact they also did it for another airport a few years ago.”

A statement from TAG Farnborough said “ TAG Farnborough Airport will advise when the process has resumed”.

In the meantime, the proposals have been delayed indefinitely. Mr Walker said “The CAA are not happy enough consultation has been done over flexible airspace sharing with recreational aviation users and want us to reexamine how this will be done.”

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