New product begins shake up of Aviation Insurance (Promotional feature.)

In what promises to be first of a range of products aimed at providing better cover at more competitive premiums, Sydney Charles Aviation Services announce the launch of their ‘One up, One down’ policy, a new product that will dramatically reduce insurance costs for private pilots owning two, or more, aircraft.

As Philip Lepp, MD of Sydney Charles explains. “A number of our private clients have two aircraft, be it a fixed wing and rotor, glider and prop, or modern and vintage. It seemed unfair to us that they should pay to cover both being airborne when they can, after all, only fly one at a time.”

The One up, One down policy provides a dramatic reduction in premiums without a drop in the level of cover (the second aircraft still has full cover on the ground) and is just one example of how Sydney Charles are finding ways to provide innovative new insurance solutions.

Philip, previously a pilot himself, continues: “We are keen to discover ways to provide policies that either enhance cover, reduce premiums or preferably, do both. The fact they we don’t quote online has proved a great asset in this as it’s only by talking to clients that we’ll continue to find new areas where we can help.

The One Up, One Down policy is available now.

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