The Swift Technology Group has secured a multi-million pound investment from a European private investor with expertise in the renewable energy and technology sectors.

The capital boost given to Swift Technology has been welcomed as it will enable Swift Aircraft to take its certified training aircraft to the next level of development. The company is in the late stages of designing this new light aircraft and renewables industry, and the funding will also help with continued growth and advancement in other Group companies, including Swift TG Solutions, Swift TG Maintenance, Europa Aircraft, Aviation and Marine Engineering and TWF Solutions. The Swift Aircraft company has been involved in a number of high profile projects since it began in 2007, including acquiring Europa Aircraft and adopting 21 ex-military Firefly Aircraft to make them airworthy and return them back to the military and the general public. The Group’s aviation sector has recently taken residence at Wombleton airfield and are in the process of refurbishing the Control Tower and resident hangars.

David Stanbridge, Managing Director of the Group says: “This investment sends a strong signal about our company’s progress and potential. We have worked hard to secure the right investor; someone who believes that we can achieve market leadership in all of our respective markets.

“It is an endorsement of our plans for future growth and our ground breaking technology. The company is already attracting widespread interest from around the World and this investment will enable us to take forward ambitious product development plans.”

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