Michael and Graham Turner show an extensive range of their work at the exhibition

Michael and Graham Turner will be holding another of their exibithions at Halton House from October the 4th to the 6th. The exhibition will be featuring the motorsport, aviation and historical subjects for which they are both well known for.

Michael Turner has a good reputation for his aviation are, which is prized by collectors worldwide. He was one of the founding members of the guild of aviation artists and has been the president of the Guild for the past 32 years. A selection of his motorsport paintings will be available to view at the exhibition, as well as his tribute to Bomber Command “At the Going Down of the Sun,” and Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain with “The Dawn Watch.” Also a large amount of his original painting =s will be on show.

Graham Turner has been painting professionally for thirty years but only just began to step into his fathers aviation art realm. Having made his name painting motorsports and historical subjects, he exhibited work at the last three Guild of Aviation annual exhibitions. At the past exhibitions he sold every painting as well as winning various awards for his paintings of First World War aviators.

The exhibition is to mark the 50th anniversary of Studio 88, set up in 1963 by Michael turner to publish cards and prints from his paintings. He did this to make his work available for a wider audience. The exhibition will include a selection of his paintings, most of which will be for sale, as well as the large collection of prints and cards from Studio 88. Michael and Graham will be present throughout the exhibition.

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