The Air Race 1 World Cup, launching in Lleida, Catalunya, Spain on 7 June 2015, has announced partnerships with prominent leading brands for its new international series of air races.

Coca-Cola helped to launch the inaugural event in 2014 as part of its excellent record of involvement in activities considered important to the community, and is supporting the racing series again which confirms it as growing into a mainstream worldwide spectator sport.

Revue Thommen Swiss Watches has partnered with the series as Official Timekeeper, bringing its history of aviation instruments to new applications in the world of aviation motorsport.

Bigatmo, a specialty high-spec eyewear provider favoured by the world’s top pilots is the Official Eyewear Partner, ensuring the pilots’ vision will remain sharp under the demanding conditions of low-level high speed racing.

Nicholson McLaren, a super high-performance race car engine maintenance team is the Official Engine Performance Partner, offering its expertise to the maintenance crews.

Catto Propellers, a pioneering manufacturer of elite propellers is appointed as the Official Propeller of the Air Race 1 World Cup to help competing pilots push their race machines in pursuit of the checkered flag.

Sixt car rental is the Official Car and will provide all transportation for the race teams to get to and from the event site in style each day while in Spain.

On the event site in Spain, Airwheel, the innovative electric vehicle company, will provide the best way for the race teams to make efficient and fun trips around the airport on a one-wheel motorised cycle.

The sponsors of this series build upon the significant foundation of support from the host partners at each event destination. In Monastir, Tunisia the event is hosted by TAV Airports; in Spain it is hosted by Aeroports de Catalunya; and in Reno, USA, it forms a part of the Reno Air Races.

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