The Spirit of Goole scheme to get schoolchildren from Goole High School in Yorkshire involved in building a Sherwood Ranger and learning engineering skills in the process. is being given a helping hand by Adams Aviation in the form of instruments and avionics, as well as expertise.

“We got involved with The Spirit of Goole because of its connection to the world of home-built aircraft that we all love,” says Stephen Gosling, Adams Aviation’s Chief Executive. “Aiding the development of the next generation of General Aviation engineers is a benefit to all across our industry.”

Jack Milnes, Chairman and Project Manager of The Spirit Of Goole says: “The generosity from Adams Aviation is overwhelming, The discount that they gave us was so impressive that the Light Aircraft Association Educational Trust decided to match it. The help for our project will mean we will have a brilliant array of instruments and avionics for the aircraft when she is finished this year, I can’t thank Adams Aviation enough. The Adams team were great in guiding and advising us on the best instruments, and Nikki Blake [Adams Aviation’s instrument specialist] spent hours getting it just right for us. While we do all we can to promote companies that sponsor the charity, Adams Aviation have gained a special place on the aircraft and in our hearts.”

Nikki Blake, who has been involved in aviation from a very early age and is a student pilot, says: “It has been a pleasure and an honour to be involved with the instrument panel fit for this project. I have truly loved following their progress with the aircraft and the project has made a huge difference to the lives, the prospects and the self-esteem of the students involved in it, which can only make it a positive thing to be involved with.”

The Spirit of Goole aircraft is currently on schedule to fly later this year, providing that the team doesn’t encounter any unexpected major issues. There is every reason to expect this date to be met following these recent comments from John Cook, LAA (Light Aircraft Association) Inspector No 297: “Today I inspected the fuselage section of the Sherwood Ranger being built by the students of Goole School and found it to be exactly as designed. These students have shown ability far beyond their years and I want to commend them on their hard work and enthusiasm for this project. I look forward to seeing the future stages of the build as they skilfully change hundreds of parts into a British designed aircraft.”

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