The infrastructure includes a 2000 m2 assembly hall, offices as well as a showroom

The aerodrome’s two parallel runways favour movements and allow for testing and take-offs all year long.

The start of the activity on the Namur site has marked a decisive turning point in Sonaca 200 production and deliveries.

“Thanks to this new infrastructure, we can simultaneously assemble 8 aircraft and produce around 60 aircraft per year or even up to 80 aircraft per year in the event of peak periods,” said Harold Van der Straten, Sonaca Aircraft CEO.

Sales of the aircraft now has now reached over 60 with the current order book securing production for the next 12 months.

Resolutely focused on international expansion, Sonaca Aircraft has developed relationships with clients in Europe and beyond.

“Most of our clients are located abroad (Germany, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Turkey…). They are mainly flight schools and flying clubs looking for capable and reliable two-seaters to complete or even replace a fleet of aging aircraft,” said Pierre Van Wetter, Sonaca Aircraft Chief Commercial Officer.

The manufacturer has also developed renting and leasing solutions in order to provide a service rather than a product.

“From the outset, clients have expressed an interest for these kinds of solutions. They avoid schools and flying clubs from having to finance the purchase of the aircraft and handling the resale. Leasing also allows clients to adapt the capacity on demand and thereby face certain peaks of activity without having to invest in new aircraft,” explained Harold Van der Straten.

The manufacturer is also planning to develop an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) version and an Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) utility version.

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