The London Embassy of the Republic of Poland has launching the online component of the #BoBPoles campaign, commemorating the contribution of Polish airmen to the Battle of Britain.

On the 20th June it was the 75th anniversary of the evacuation of Polish airmen from France to Britain. To commemorate that event, the Polish Embassy in London has published the first of a series of facts about Poles in the Battle of Britain on Twitter, accompanied by unique archive photographs. A new fact will appear on Twitter every morning, and on Facebook every Saturday evening, until the anniversary of the Battle’s conclusion on 31st October.

Based on a broad chronology of the battle, the social media campaign will be a creative account of the history of Poles in the RAF – their significance, successes, and the challenges they faced. The campaign has begun with the history of Polish pilots in the early days of the war, and describes their journey from Poland to Britain. A new topic will be introduced each week, ranging from the stories of individual pilots, to more general facts about the pilots’ roles in the Battle of Britain. Altogether it will form a comprehensive picture of the Polish contingent in this crucial event of World War 2.

To see the pictures and read the stories, follow #BoBPoles on Twitter and Facebook. More about the campaign on the Embassy’s website:

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