ABOVE: Steve Slater guided the LAA for seven years, including through the difficulties of the Covid lockdowns

Steve Slater, the CEO of the Light Aircraft Association (LAA), has announced that he will be stepping down in the Spring of 2023, after more than seven years on the job. In a press note, Slater said “I have been planning and discussing this with our chairman for some months now. Having turned 65, it’s time for some new ideas and initiatives, but I’m particularly keen to give a long period of notice, to ensure the Association has a smooth transition to my successor and that the LAA continues to remain the UK’s most successful powered flying members association”. 

He guided the association through the difficulties of the Covid pandemic, when recreational flying was restricted for prolonged periods and the LAA consequently lobbied the regulator to ensure minimal disruption to flying. His tenure also coincided with a period of substantial development of drones and unmanned aircraft, and he was a strong advocate on behalf of the general aviation sector on the need to properly integrate light aircraft and uncrewed aircraft into future airspace strategies.