Europe’s most popular flying software wins UK’s most prestigious business award

On the Queen’s birthday SkyDemon was among only eight companies in the UK to win a double award.

SkyDemon was given awards in the Innovation and the International Trade categories.

The news came at a fitting time, as most of SkyDemon’s small team were exhibiting at Aero, Europe’s biggest general aviation trade show held at Friedrichshafen every year.

This meant long hours helping customers from all over Europe make the most of their subscription to SkyDemon, and welcoming many new subscribers to the service.

Tim Dawson, founder and managing director of SkyDemon, said: “Using my software skills to make flying easier and safer was a challenge I set myself when I earned my pilot’s license 12 years ago.

“We are now the market leaders in this industry in Europe. Today’s announcement of our double Queen’s Award is a huge boost for us as a company and goes to show that even the smallest businesses can have the biggest impact.”

SkyDemon is based in the south-west of the UK and consists of a small team of people dedicated to solving the many problems that general aviation pilots in Europe face when planning and executing their flights.

To find out more about SkyDemon or to start a subscription visit their website

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