A teenager from Delph Saddleworth near Manchester is thought to be the youngest person in the world to qualify as both a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot.

Jack Frodsham will collect his PPL(A) and PPL(H) from the CAA on 17 September – his seventeenth birthday. He is currently studying for his A Levels and hopes to become a professional pilot.

The sixth form student has been flying since the age of twelve and currently has 250 hours of flying time, including 50 in the Robinson R44. The rest has been accumulated in single and multi-engined fixed-wing aircraft.

Jack says: “I have flown into many UK aerodromes ranging from Carlisle in the north of England to Bournemouth in the south, including Oxford, Hawarden, Blackpool, Caernarfon, Welshpool and Wolverhampton. I have also landed on short grass strips at Manchester City Barton, Tarn Farm and Bagby in North Yorkshire.

“I am living my dream and perhaps one day I will be given the opportunity to fulfil another goal, which is to fly solo around the world.”

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