We have teamed up with our sister website – ukga.com – to offer an online-only advertising option for aircraft sales/shares and equipment

Currently the only way to advertise your aircraft sale, group share or equipment on Pilotweb is to buy an advert in the classified section of Pilot magazine. A great as that is, we recognise that some people only want to advertise items like this online. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our sister website UKGA.com to offer an online only option.

From the beginning of December, when you place an advert on UKGA.com it will also appear within the classified section of Pilotweb. This combination will give you access to over 64,000 active pilots and general aviation enthusiasts.

If you aren’t familiar with UKGA.com, it’s a community-led website used by all types of active and trainee pilots, it’s packed full of useful flying tool and friendly forums as well as being home to a thriving online marketplace.

What are the new options?!

Online advert – £48 inc VAT

* Your advert appears on UKGA.com and Pilotweb.aero for a minimum four-week period.

* Your advert will appear on at least one UKGA newsletter.

Online Renewal – £18 inc VAT

* Extend the length of time your advert appears on our websites for an additional four weeks.

4×1 in Pilot Magazine – £60 inc VAT

* We will design an advert which will appear within the classified section of the next available edition of Pilot magazine.

* There can be up to a four-week lead time for magazine adverts depending on time of booking due to printing deadlines.

* Please discuss with the sales representative regarding when the advert will be published.

Magazine Renewal – £42 inc VAT

* Appear within an additional edition of Pilot magazine.

How does it work?!

When you submit an advert on UKGA you’ll need to include a phone number and/or email address; by doing so you are consenting to a member of the team contacting you to discuss the advertising options and arrange payment. Your advert will be held in a queue until we have been able to discuss it with you. Your advert will be deleted if we’ve not heard from you within ten days.


* I’m based in the USA and want to sell my avionics on UKGA, is this ok?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept avionics adverts from within the EU.

* I want to sell a product that only has a value of £100, do I still have to pay?

Not necessarily, you can advertise any item on UKGA for free if it has a genuine value of less than £500, however the advert will not appear on Pilotweb.aero. If you would like to advertise the item in Pilot magazine you will still be required to pay.

* I’m trying to source a specific aircraft to purchase, do I still need to pay?

Yes, this is what we would term as a “wanted advert” and would require payment. This applies to items you are looking to source including aircraft or shares in an aircraft as well as if you are promoting your services in order to find work.

* Can I add multiple images to my advert?

Not at the moment unfortunately, we are working on it though so watch this space!

* Should I include my contact details in the advert?

Absolutely! Although there is a messaging mechanism built into UKGA, the mechanism doesn’t exist on Pilotweb.aero so it’s important to include an email address and/or phone number so that people can enquire.

* What is the benefit of advertising my item with UKGA & Pilot?

Our brands reach over 120,000 people every month across our websites, magazine, newsletters and social media. There really is no better place in the UK to reach engaged pilots and general aviation enthusiasts.

* How do you promote items available for sale on your websites?

Our classified sections are clearly signposted at the top of every page on our websites. On Pilotweb.aero we include a selection of recently uploaded adverts on the homepage. We also promote the classified section on our weekly newsletter and via social media. On UKGA the classified section is clearly promoted on the homepage and we also include a selection of recently uploaded adverts on the weekly newsletter, we guarantee that your advert will appear on their at least once during your four-week period.

* Can I submit an advert via Pilotweb.aero?

Not directly. On the classified page of Pilotweb you’ll find contact information for the sales team, you can contact them to express interest and they will get in touch. Alternatively, you can head over to UKGA.com and submit the details yourself and a member of the team will be in touch.

* Can I still advertise in Pilot magazine the same way that I used to?

Absolutely! Pilot magazines audience is incredibly unique and engaged with our brand, we will have one-month and three-month options for advertising private sales in the classified section, the cost is exactly in line with the equivalent options above. When you advertise through the magazine, you’ll appear on Pilotweb and UKGA.com for your chosen duration.

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