Sea Survival Conference 2015 is a one day conference for pilots of light aircraft wishing to learn how to maximise both their and their passengers’ chances of survival should something go wrong while flying over water or inhospitable terrain.

Presentations will be given on the mechanics of ditching, how to summon help, the regulations and recommendations with regards to the carriage of survival equipment, survival techniques in the water and raft management, how the rescue effort is co-ordinated and Search and Rescue.

The conference is being organised by Sarah-Jane Prew, author of the book ‘Survival for Aircrew’. Sarah has a wide range of experience of survival, having attended many courses and worked with many professional groups.

Practical courses attended include open sea survival courses, underwater escape ‘dunker’ courses, helicopter winching and desert survival courses. She has attended courses and researched with, among others, the UK and US Coast Guards, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force School of Combat Survival and the UK Department of Transport.

The conference is being run at the Gipsy Hill Hotel in Exeter on 7 March 2015. For more information see or email

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