The German Ultralight Aviation Association (DULV) have granted the the coaxial helicopter RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight its type certificate and RS Helikopter GmbH will deliver the first helicopters in time for the 2019 season

For a net purchase price of 80,000 EUR, pilots have the great opportunity to fulfill their dream of flying a real helicopter.

With the new generation coaxial rotor system – patented in USA and Italy already – eliminating the requirement for a conventional tail rotor, the new RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight is a very safe helicopter.

The autorotation characteristics of the co-axial rotor system are coupled with innovative design features like the new freewheel unit, centrifugal clutch and blade locking system, all of which are important measures towards safer flight operations.

As a full-fledged helicopter with outstanding flight characteristics, the VA115 ultralight positions itself strongly in the gyrocopter scene. Due to its low empty mass and the performance of its coaxial rotor system the single-seat ultralight has an outstanding payload of 121 kg.

Its innovative coaxial rotor system offers outstanding handling and autorotation qualities, stable flight characteristics, compact dimensions and fuel consumption of only 16 l/h in cruise. Its noise emissions are half of other helicopters and are at a similar level to current gyrocopters.

In a very short time the new airworthiness requirements for ultralight helicopters (LTF-ULH) became effective in December 2016 and RS Helikopter was able to successfully complete its maiden flight in March 2017. Certification of the VA115 was completed in less than two years.

With the optionally available VA115 trainer, the helicopter is ideally suited to significantly ease the first steps in helicopter flying as the training platform can be easily attached to any VA115.

To pilot trainees the training platform offers a cost-effective and safe method for gaining first experience and for practicing the coordination of individual control inputs.

It aims to combines safety, fun and cost effectiveness in a new category of professionally built helicopters and is targeted at the sports leisure market.

The VA115 is only the kick-off to the development and production of RotorSchmiede helicopters.

Already under development, the two-seat, enclosed RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight will revolutionize the helicopter market with its flight characteristics, unrivaled payload of 250 kg,

space to allow both passengers to load carry-on luggage, and its target price of 150,000 EUR. The VA250 is due for delivery to customers in 2020.

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