The new system will comes with many advantages and will hopefully prevent theft

A new registration system has been set up by Rotax that follows a three-step process.

The first step asks the customer to enter all required registration data using the online registration form on

The second step sends the customer a confirmation link via email after they have submitted the registration. By following this link, the data entered must be validated and needs to be confirmed by the customer.

The third and final step of the engine registration process sees the submitted registration be validated by BRP-Rotax.

This new paperless engine registration process offers various advantages for Rotax aircraft engine owners. It allows BRP-Rotax to get to know their customers and their engines in operation. It also allows them to optimize the distribution and service network according to customer’s needs.

Customers who agree on getting contacted by BRP-Rotax can enjoy the advantage of receiving newsletters and notifications on engines, like new technical documentation.

Another advantage is that in case of a reported engine theft a re-registration of this engine is impossible which will hopefully act as a deterrent from engines being stolen in the future.

Since the launch of the new engine registration in December 2016, 320 customers have already registered their engines via the new online system; becoming part of the ROTAX family.

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