Goodwood Flying School performed an extra special service recently when it helped a hopeful fiance seal the deal with his prospective bride.

“We took off from Goodwood at 0700 on Saturday to fly a banner with a wedding proposal for a couple who were taking a dawn flight in a balloon,” says Rob Wildeboer, Aviation General Manager at Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex.

It was Wildeboer who instituted banner towing at the Flying School when he joined in 2009. He knew that the busy beaches from Brighton to Portsmouth would provide an excellent catchment area for aerial advertising and Goodwood was ideally positioned to provide that service. You can read more about the development of banner towing at Goodwood and the one-day course it runs to learn how to do banner towing in the September 2015 issue of Pilot magazine, on sale August 12.

And the lady in the balloon? Well, how could she say no?

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